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Welcome to Palace Pilates

Located in the heart of Crystal Palace, we have been offering pilates classes to locals for the last 15 years.

Whether it’s a general class to improve your fitness, posture and tone or a course specifically focussing on managing back pain we have something to offer you.

Introduction to Pilates & Beginners Pilates

The starting point for anyone new to Pilates and essential for anyone with back problems or injury. This course will teach you the principals of alignment, breathing and core stability.


Core Pilates & Back Care

These classes often include Physiotherapy based exercises along with flexibility and spinal mobility focus and always focus on back care and improving your posture, strength and mobility.


Dynamic Pilates

For those who want a balanced, effective, total body workout. These classes cover a lot of the challenging, higher intensity intermediate and advanced matwork repertoire. Here the focus is on strengthening and toning the body.


One to One Private

Amongst many reasons, these private sessions are useful if you have an injury and want help creating a home programme of exercises specific to your needs.


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Pilates is an incredible body conditioning method that works in a different way to other fitness techniques.  Targeting the deep postural muscles, it works by building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

Relaxation & Meditation


Join us for  a 1 and a half hour workshop designed to Rebalance, Relax and Rejuvenate your whole system

Rejuvenation Retreats


Regain a sense of stillness and calm within your mind and body. Press the reset button and step off the wheel.

Student Testimonials

“Three years ago I was suffering from severe back pain in the lumber region.

My physiotherapist suggested pilates and recommended Suzanne. Since joining her classes, I have been absolutely pain-free.  As an added bonus, pilates has increased my physical fitness and flexibility.”

Andy Peake

“Last night was excellent. Denise was really attuned to my specific needs and modifications. It was really evident that you’d filled her in about me. The attentiveness to individual needs and personal touch is so rare and means so much. It’s really clear that you model this and have built a Pilates team that has a wonderful ethos. Thank you so much! I feel really lucky to have found you!”

Desiree Stewart

“I came to Suzanne’s class after falling on a wet floor, resulting in a back injury.  After attending classes my core muscles became stronger and this helped with the pain in my back.  I also found that my balance was better and I gained more confidence. Suzanne is a very good Pilates teacher with a great understanding of any medical condition the members of her class had.   After each class, I felt really fit and  feel so much stronger now.”

Ann Fish

“I enjoyed the Pilates one to one session very much. It was invaluable being shown exactly what to do and for the great tips you gave me on making some of the existing exercises easier, and more effective.  I’m looking forward to starting next term already!!”

Lisa Browne

Professional Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne (Palace Pilates founder) at CPPG and she’s an extremely professional, experienced, adept Pilates Clinician who takes great pride in her work and consistently achieves fantastic results. She has been a respected and valued member of our rehab team for over 10 years and her clients have a deep appreciation for all the expertise, care and warmth she imparts. Palace Pilates is an outstanding service which enhances posture and movement control after an injury and is equally important as a way of staying healthy and moving well. I receive so much excellent feedback about Palace Pilates that I am proud to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their movement and body control in a fun and relaxing environment. ”

Robert O’Neil

Physiotherapist, Crystal Palace Physiotherapy Group

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