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Information & FAQs

Palace Pilates prides itself on its experienced teaching team, personal approach and range of classes. We offer numerous classes designed to improve posture, spinal mobility and pain prevention.

We have intentionally kept our range of classes small: For those new to Pilates or needing a gentler rehabilitative approach the beginners class is the one. Core Pilates and Back Care is our go to class incorporating all the elements of pilates and focussing on different themes each class/month. Finally our Dynamic classes are our strongest most advanced class. We love talking pilates so are happy to advise if you are new and for you to try out a few if your not sure. We believe we have something for everybody.

We are also super excited to add to our timetable a weekly QI GONG and MEDITATION CLASS.   Qi Gong is something our founder Suzanne has been passionate about for many years and is incredibly helpful for dealing with stress as it manifests in the body.  This class is a blend of gentle Qi Gong Life giving healing movements, breath work AND a guided relaxation / meditation.  Suitable for everyone.

Beginners Pilates

These classes are suitable for beginners and will develop your understanding and application of the basic pilates principles – good alignment, breathing, stability and core strength. This is a good follow on from our Introductory course and/or a good entry level class.


Core Pilates & Back Care

These classes assume a level of understanding of the basic Pilates technique and are great to take you further into the repertoire building your technique and strength. These classes often include Physiotherapy based exercises and always focus on back care and improving your posture, strength and mobility.


Dynamic Pilates

For those who want a balanced, effective, total body workout. These classes cover a lot of the challenging, higher intensity intermediate and advanced matwork repertoire. Here the focus is on strengthening and toning the body and we often use various pieces of equipment to increase the challenge. These are strong classes not suitable for beginners or people with current back issues.


Mindful Movement and Meditation

A new addition and a wonderful session designed to leave your mind and body relaxed and de-stressed. You will learn ancient qi gong moves, breath work and enjoy a deeply relaxing guided meditation


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start classes half way through a month?
Usually, this isn’t possible, yet if there is a way of accommodating you in special circumstances this is possible. Please send us an inquiry and we will see what we can do.
Is it guaranteed that I will get into the course that I request?
We will do our best to get you into the course you are hoping for, however, this will depend on availability, your medical history and general fitness. Taking all this into consideration we will recommend the best level and class for you.
Are the courses an upfront full payment?

We offer a 4 Class Monthly pass payable on the 1st of every month and whilst we ask you to stipulate which ‘Regular’ Class you will take you can mix and match these 4 sessions during the month.


What if I want to guarantee my space on a particular day and time?

Once you have joined and set up a ‘Regular’ Class slot, priority will be given to you for a space next month. Everyone paying by standing order is guaranteed a space the following month.    If you pay by bank transfer during the last week of the month, we will email you and ask if you would like to retain your space.

This ensures you have continuity of training and also helps us know what availability we potentially have for new students.

Do I need to bring anything to the classes?

Students are advised to bring a towel with them to place on the head cushions and your own mat. We do provide sanitising solutions should you need to borrow one of our mats but definately recommend you bring your own.  All other equipment used will be provided.

How can I pay for a course?

Our preferred method once you are happy with us is Standing Order.  

Alternatively you can pay via  bacs online banking system to:

Palace Pilates Ltd, HSBC,  40-25- 03, 31660624

You can also pay by cheque to Palace Pilates Ltd 

What happens if I miss a class?

No refund/exchange can be made for missed classes although if advance notice is given we will offer you a switch that week or sometime during the month.  

Want to Sign Up?

We would love to have you join our pilates family.


To ensure we provide you with the best possible classes, we ask you to complete our online enrolment form. This form is so we can understand your requirements and aspirations. We ask you about your medical history and general fitness to ascertain what is the best level and class for you.


After receiving your request, we will confirm if we have space and then on receipt of your deposit or payment, we will reserve you your place.

Questions? Contact Us