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Meet Our Team

Suzanne Wooder

Suzanne, the founder of Palace Pilates, has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to developing and teaching this technique. Her own  personal experience of back pain, following a spinal fracture in her 20’s, has greatly informed the way in which she works. She began as an apprentice with the Pilates Based Body Awareness Company and then went on to train with the Body Control Pilates Association. She has worked extensively with chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to increase and widen her knowledge of back pain management. This she has blended into her unique approach to Pilates training.

Throughout her career, she has worked as the Pilates trainer for the actors in the cast of Billy Elliott, run courses and workshops at the Royal Academy of Music and run retreats in both the UK and India.

Vicki Parker

Vicky was first introduced and inspired by her mum who took up Pilates 20 years ago. She qualified with the Body Control Pilates association in 2007 and has been enjoying and practising Pilates ever since.

“I find that Pilates is not only extremely beneficial for my body helping to keep me pain-free, supple and toned but my mind benefits also. The focus taken into the body whilst exercising allows my mind to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Most of us lead such busy lives these days a bit of me time is essential and the after effects of pilates are wonderful.”

Abigail Rogers

Abi is a Level 3 Matwork Pilates instructor and took up her teacher training after being advised to take Pilates by her physio and subsequently falling in love with the exercise! As well as teaching Pilates, Abi is an Actor and Performer and finds Pilates works well alongside with this as it keeps her strong, helps maintain good posture and helps with injuries and pains from years of dance and performing. 

Abi has also undergone courses in pre/postnatal Pilates as well as Pilates for common orthopaedic conditions including hypermobility, osteoporosis and arthritis. She loves helping people get moving, improving their core and feeling happier and stronger! She also loves to incorporate mindfulness into her practice so that clients can leave class feeling not only stronger physically but mentally too.



Denise Lalonde

Denise has been practising Pilates for over 14 years. After many years of exploring various physical disciplines including aerobics, yoga and tai chi, she discovered the true benefits that Pilates has to offer.

She began her teacher training with Body Control Pilates in 2005. After qualifying, she has been teaching classes and one to ones in South London.

Denise is a passionate student and teacher of the Pilates method and continues to develop her skills. She enjoys teaching and motivating all students with all levels of fitness, from athletic cyclists to clients with chronic back pain. Denise finds working with clients and helping them to achieve their personal goals very rewarding.

Ciara Styles Rouse

At a young age Ciara began to practice Pilates and Yoga alongside her dance training. She used Pilates as a way to better her technique, flexibility and strength and throughout her dancing career found  the informative and remedial properties of Pilates were deepening her strength, understanding and technique more than she could have imagined. Not only this, but she found that when she encountered minor injuries she was able to use Pilates to heal and get back to dancing quicker and stronger than before.

In 2014 she decided she wanted to share what she had learnt with others and became a pilates teacher.  Ciara loves teaching and helping people transform their bodies through the practice of movement disciplines.  She uses her dance background to inform the way she teaches her classes and strives to make it accessible, helpful and joyfully challenging.

“My aim is that when you leave the studio, you walk out with your body feeling light, extended and beautifully worked”


Valentina Fruzzetti

As well as being a Pilates teacher, Valentina is a professional dancer, dance teacher & artistic director. She trained initially with the Body Control Pilates Association as a matwork teacher, and has since gone on to study Intermediate Pilates, Advanced Pilates, Studio Reformer and Chair,  completed various specialist courses and has just gained her Matwork Master Teacher Qualification.

Valentina is a passionate, energetic and experienced teacher with a great track record of improving her client’s knowledge and understanding of Pilates. She is results orientated and dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards.

“Pilates is learning how to move the body in the best way possible and my mission is to enable all of my clients to increase their connection to their bodies and to healthy movement. I aim to inspire passion, to share my passion and knowledge  and learn from everybody I meet.”

All our teachers are qualified Body Control Pilates Instructors as well as members of the

Register of Exercise Professionals.

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