Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions have been laid out for the benefit of all students and to ensure everyone gets the full benefit from our classes.



– Our Pilates classes are available to buy as a 4 CLASS MONTHLY PASS priced at £48 per month.  We also sell individual classes which are priced slightly higher at £13.50 per class.


– We offer classes on Zoom AND in person at our two venues in Crystal Palace. 


– We ask you to choose a ‘regular’ weekly class and to stick to that wherever possible BUT if you cannot attend your class one week we are happy to offer you a replacement class as long as it is within the same month. 


– No refund can be made for missed classes and classes cannot be carried over between months.


– Once you have joined us, you will receive booking priority on your place each month.  We ask that you pay the £48 monthly fee by the 30th of the preceding month.   If you are unable to attend one month we’d be super grateful if you could give us notice  so we can offer your place on. 


– We advise you to bring your own equipment to classes although we can provide initially.  


– BACS details: Palace Pilates Ltd, HSBC, 40-25- 03, 31660624. Please put your name  as your REFERENCE.


Pilates is an incredible technique and we hope that our classes will inspire the same dedication in you as we have found. 

Suzanne, Vicky, Valentina, Ciara and Denise

January 2022