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Online Classes

When you enrol for an online class we will send you a Zoom Link along with a Meeting ID and Password the morning of that day.

If you haven’t used Zoom before you need to download Zoom beforehand and set up an account. Click the link to Zoom below and select the free account version.

5 minutes before your class starts you either click the link OR open up your Zoom account and enter the meeting ID and password.

We suggest you set up your computer in a part of your home where you have as much space as possible and can move freely.


When you join an online session:


– Have your mat set up as you would for a class

– We need to see you on your mat so we can correct you during the class so position your computer or tablet on something about a metre or so from your mat and on something a little higher than the floor. (Please experiment if you can before you come in to class)

– Have a cushion you can use to place under your head so if necessary you can exercise with good alignment of your neck and spine

– We recommend everyone buys a theraband (pink unless you have a shoulder injury in which case please choose the yellow one). These can be purchased here:

If you haven’t got one initially we suggest something like a dressing gown belt or a tie – not as good but does in the short term.


– If you are using a tablet please make sure the screen lock is off otherwise we will see you upside down!!!

-Most evenings we run 2 classes using the same Zoom link so if you are attending the later class please turn OFF your mic (Mute Yourself) when you enter in case the previous class is still finishing.

Want to Sign Up?

We would love to have you join our pilates family.


To ensure we provide you with the best possible classes, we ask you to complete our online enrolment form. This form is so we can understand your requirements and aspirations. We ask you about your medical history and general fitness to ascertain what is the best level and class for you.


After receiving your request, we will confirm if we have space and then on receipt of your deposit or payment, we will reserve you your place.

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