Relaxation & meditation

Evening Workshops

Over the years of teaching in Crystal Palace, we have found that stress plays a huge part in how our bodies function and so to complement our pilates teaching we offer MONTHLY relaxation and meditation evenings.

These sessions take place on a Friday evening and are designed to leave your mind and body in harmony, relaxed and revitalized.

During the evening you will be introduced to various breathing exercises designed to trigger the bodies natural relaxation response; explore some Qi Gung exercises to stretch and release tired muscles and experience a deeply relaxing guided relaxation session.

This is the perfect way to float into your weekend but do book early, these workshops sell out fast.


Friday 24th May 2019
Friday 28th June 2019



Sessions run from  7.30pm – 9pm

Price £20 per person

These sessions have been immensely beneficial in helping our clients learn how to release and manage unwanted physical tension and are the perfect way to float into your weekend.


Salvation Army Centre on Westow Street, Crystal Palace

“Relaxation is something that we all need to do, but not something that we all make time for. Going to Palace Pilates for relaxation is a really good start; understanding how I breathe and learning how to relax, without going into a deep sleep – it’s amazing!  If you are uncertain what you will get from the classes … I would say – try it once, and then you will know. Never try it, and you will never know.”


Claire Smith

Upcoming Retreats

26th – 28th March 2019

Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Pilates Retreat with Suzanne Wooder

Create a sense of stillness and calm within your mind and body  with Suzanne Wooder. 

27th – 29th Sept 2019

Pilates Retreat with Suzanne Wooder and Julie Van Leer

Get away over a weekend to unwind and refuel your body with Suzanne and Julie.